• AC power: AC 110 to 250V /50 to 60Hz,
• DC 12V 2.6AH Li-ion battery, external DC 12V 2.5A
• Peak of music power: 65W max
• 6.5-inch 4Ω full range speaker
• With UHF auto-match frequency function
• Frequency range: UHF 700 to 900MHz
• Wireless service range: 80m max
• Wireless channel: 0 to 99 infrared auto match
• Full charged operating time:2.5 hours in max volume play MP3
• With Torch
• With USB/SD card slot to play and record function
• FM radio
• MP3 remote controller
• Can be done in single channel or dual channels
• Gross weight: 2.3kg
• Dimensions: 318*175*213mm
• Machine body material: ABS engineering plastic body
Face can choose
1. SH-227
2. SH-227A
3. SH-227B