• Specifications:
• U-disk/SD recording: 1GB for 1,000 minutes, 64GB for 64,000 minutes
• Audio sound: wired microphone, wireless microphone, audio inputs can be recording in the U-disk or SD card
• Input: two wired microphone inputs and one Aux input
• Outputs: one auxiliary output and one 4-8Ω external speaker output
• Two wireless microphones in dual channels (handheld, lapel microphone or headset microphone optional)
• With tripod stand jack
• Charger: DC 8.4V rechargeable battery charger
• Size 1.5V x 10 pieces rechargeable battery charger
• Built in DC 12V 7Ah rechargeable battery
• With USB/ SD card play and record function
• Speaker: one 4Ω8-inch full range speaker& one 8Ω 1.5”horn
• FM radios
• Display: LCD display
• With MP3 remote controller
• with echo, bass and treble
• RMS: 25W (maximum)
• Frequency channel: double wireless channels
• Wireless service range: 35m maximum in VHF
• Dimension: 388 x 208 x 520mm
• Gross weight: 8.5kg
• Machine body material: ABS engineering plastic body and metal plate

Function can choose
1. SH-678
with USB function    
can be done with DSP99 function                        
        2. SH-678URBT
with USB function, record function,
Bluetooth 3.0 function