New functions: with U-disk/SD record functions which 1GB can be recorded for 1,000 minutes and 64GB can be recorded for 64,000 minutes
Audio sound from wired microphone and wireless microphone and audio inputs can be recorded in the U-disk and SD card
The files in the U-disk can be recorded to SD card and the files in the SD can be recorded to U-disk
Input: three wired microphone inputs and one AUX input
Outputs: one AUX output and one external speaker output
Built-in features:
Two wireless microphones in dual channels (handheld, lapel microphone or headset microphone option)
With DC 8.4V rechargeable charger 
With DC 12V 2.2AH rechargeable bettery
With USB/SD/FM functions
With LCD display With remote controller for USB/SD/FM
With echo, bass, and treble 
Peak of music power: 75W max
Speaker: one full range 6.5” speaker
Frequency channel: double wireless channels
Wireless service range: 35m max in VHF 
Dimension: 230 x 160 x 320mm
Gross weight: 4kg
Machine body material: ABS engineering plastic body 
Can be done with DSP99 function